1. How are the rings made?

The rings themselves are handmade by designers in the US.  Then, they're shipped to Canada where all the magic happens!  It usually starts with a piece of hardwood that is cut, sanded and primed to fit inside or on the ring.  The piece is painted and once dry, it is varnished and glued into or on top of the ring.  The process just for the cutting, sanding, priming, painting and varnishing can take up to three weeks.  Each piece is unique and is currently made by one artist (Julie Laurin).  There are plans to bring more artists into the fold later on!


2.  Are the rings waterproof?

NO.  While the rings themselves can tolerate some water, the art added to the ring is much less tolerant of water.  The painted rings are varnished so it's not the end of the world if you happen to get them a bit wet.  But, it is highly recommended that you remove the ring when doing the dishes, taking a shower and even just washing your hands.  In cases where waterproof materials might be used, it will be mentioned on the purchase page for those individual pieces.


3.  Will the art fall out of the ring?

No.  But, with any accessory that's glued, there's always a risk that with enough force, the art piece, sculpture or accessories could become unglued.  That being said, the risk is minimal if you're not actively trying to pry it off or wearing the ring during physical activity.  If you know you'll be fighting tigers, digging for treasure or building a highrise, I'd suggest leaving it at home.  Consider it an art piece on your hand, be careful and kind to it, and it'll last you a long time.  If, for some reason, it becomes unglued, contact me and I'll help you out.  


4.  What's your return policy?  Any warranties?

No returns, and no warranty.  However, the product can be exchanged if contacted within the first 7 days you received it.  Exchanges will only be granted in circumstances where there's been damage during delivery, there's a flaw with the product itself or there was a mistake made while ordering it.  For exchanges, the item must not have been worn and must be in perfect shape to be resold.  For all returns or questions about returns, please contact Julie and she'd be happy to help!


5.  Privacy Statement:

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